Friday, May 22, 2015

How to make money on youtube videos free

There  are a lot of ways you can make money off YouTube videos. You will find many successful peoples around the internet who make millions just from YouTube. This don't guarantee that you will be YouTube Millionaire too but it definitely proves that there is a lot to make from YouTube platform.

Monetize your videos with YouTube Partner program

You can easily make money doing what you love. Just do what you are passionate about. Upload the video to YouTube and enable your channel for the YouTube Partner program. Now whenever someone plays your video it will display a short advertise and you will earn money per thousand or so visits to your videos. You can look here for further details of Partner program.

Make money selling other people's products on YouTube

Many of you may be knowing "Affiliate Marketing". For those who are unaware, its selling other people's products and making commissions off the sales. Well, YouTube doesn't sell your product directly but you can create videos and motivate people buy the product with your Affiliate link and make Commissions out of it. It just needs little creativity and I can assure you peoples are making a lot of money with this method!

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Make money teaching on YouTube

This method may sound silly at first instance, but think about it. We all got something or other that we are expert in. We are all different and we all got some unique talent that others don't have. Just pursue your talent master it and mean while keep posting videos teaching others about it. Then you will start getting offers for teaching (plus the YouTube ads money is your bonus!).

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