Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Awesome Idea for your new blog post

Every time I sit before the monitor to write a new blog post my mind goes empty. Do you also find yourself in the same trouble? Then here is the simple solution.

Steal your new blog post Idea

Yes, when you don't get a new idea, simply steal someone Else's idea.

As marketing legend Seth Godin says : Idea is a Virus. So let the virus do its job and let it spread from one site to other. You can easily steal, but taking care of your viewers. After all we are bloggers, and our blog is just a place to help peoples.

Steal vs Copy

Thief is the one who don't get caught. In blogging world there is difference in stealing and copying. Goggle hates copied contents.

Stealing is a creative process, it needs effort. You can steal the Idea but you are not allowed to copy the content. And if you still want to copy then need to do it in creative way.

You may steal idea or content in many ways. Here I list 5 top ways to steal Idea fro your new blog post.

5 Ways to Steal :

  1. Read the content to steal from and make a video on it to include in your blog.
  2. Create an image describing the concept of that content and put it on Pintrest.
  3. Pickup some critical issue in the content and create a post explaining its goods and bads. Don't forget to link back to the original content.
  4. Impressed by some video? Write a post on it.
  5. Steal from the real world. This is the most overlooked source for stealing. Just look around you and you will definitely find many content to write on.
[From were did I stole this blog post idea? Well, I got this idea from two posts : The sin of Originality from Boostblogtraffic and Why I steal content from Problogger.]

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