Friday, May 22, 2015

How to make money on youtube videos free

There  are a lot of ways you can make money off YouTube videos. You will find many successful peoples around the internet who make millions just from YouTube. This don't guarantee that you will be YouTube Millionaire too but it definitely proves that there is a lot to make from YouTube platform.

Monetize your videos with YouTube Partner program

You can easily make money doing what you love. Just do what you are passionate about. Upload the video to YouTube and enable your channel for the YouTube Partner program. Now whenever someone plays your video it will display a short advertise and you will earn money per thousand or so visits to your videos. You can look here for further details of Partner program.

Make money selling other people's products on YouTube

Many of you may be knowing "Affiliate Marketing". For those who are unaware, its selling other people's products and making commissions off the sales. Well, YouTube doesn't sell your product directly but you can create videos and motivate people buy the product with your Affiliate link and make Commissions out of it. It just needs little creativity and I can assure you peoples are making a lot of money with this method!

If you want my SECRET of this method to make $1k per month then just drop me a mail here:

Make money teaching on YouTube

This method may sound silly at first instance, but think about it. We all got something or other that we are expert in. We are all different and we all got some unique talent that others don't have. Just pursue your talent master it and mean while keep posting videos teaching others about it. Then you will start getting offers for teaching (plus the YouTube ads money is your bonus!).

Friday, January 11, 2013

Traffic vs Audience

Its very usual to see peoples asking and commenting about their blog traffics in various forums and other places. Bloggers at every moment are in search of any trick to get a huge traffic.

People think : Huge Traffic = Huge Ad Clicks = Huge Money

But the bitter truth is they are WRONG!

Yes, a huge traffic may give you more number of clicks, but conversions does not always depend on traffic.

Huge traffic can give you instantaneous clicks and some more bucks at that moment but a loyal audience will open doors to life long business opportunities.

Traffic = Money and Audience = Business.

Need some inspiration? Get it from Glen Allsopp of ViperChill. Its not that Glen doesn't get traffic but he surely has a great loyal audience (of-course including me!), and this is his biggest profit!

Being loved by such great audience he can now start any business and people will be looking at it. This is the Difference!

So if you want just some bucks filling your pocket then running behind Traffic is ok, but if you want to survive in the long run then definitely you need to gather a loyal audience!

Happy Blogging :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blog titles that steal the traffic

The words in your blog post's title is the first thing that strikes your visitor's eyes. So definitely those words need to be awesome. Awesome like the super-glue that stick your visitor at your page, and compel them read your content.

According to Brian Clark from copyblogger :

"On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest."

Rest is on you, how to convert those 8 'Headline Readers' to 'Content Readers'. Its then you "blog title's" job to make the visitor read rest of your content.

Be at Extremes

Its human psychology, we don't like normal things. We are always eager see the extremes. So, its a clever trick to use some words describing the extrimities of your blog title.

Words like 'Ultimate', 'The only', 'At brink' may add the extreme factor to your blog titles.

Examples :
Ultimate truth about Creative blog titles
The only guide to amazing blog titles

Create Suspense

Creating a movie and composing a blog post has one thing in common, you have to make the visitor stick to it! If your blog title is successful in creating a suspense that compels the visitor to read the rest of your content then it has done its job.

words like 'Disclosed' ,'Revealed' creates a suspense and make your visitor think what you are going to disclose some mysterious recipe.

Examples :
Ingredients of "awesome titles" revealed
Mystery behind "amazing titles" disclosed

Ask Yourself

Its the best practice for a blogger.  Whenever you create a content you must first ask yourself - "If I come across a post with this title, will I read that post?". Do it three times : first when you create the title, second when you are at middle of composing your post, third before hitting the publish button. 

Don't ditch the Keyword Approach

 Its definitely a good idea to make your blog title more creative, but make sure you don't eliminate the keyword from your title doing that. For example just look again at the title of this post "Blog titles that steal the traffic" I tried to catch the visitor by revealing the method to steal traffic but I also used the keyword "Blog titles" first.

One should always take care of the keywords present in the title because search engines are not creative enough to completely understand your title so you need to provide some keyword so that the search engine may find and enlist your page at desired location.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Awesome Idea for your new blog post

Every time I sit before the monitor to write a new blog post my mind goes empty. Do you also find yourself in the same trouble? Then here is the simple solution.

Steal your new blog post Idea

Yes, when you don't get a new idea, simply steal someone Else's idea.

As marketing legend Seth Godin says : Idea is a Virus. So let the virus do its job and let it spread from one site to other. You can easily steal, but taking care of your viewers. After all we are bloggers, and our blog is just a place to help peoples.

Steal vs Copy

Thief is the one who don't get caught. In blogging world there is difference in stealing and copying. Goggle hates copied contents.

Stealing is a creative process, it needs effort. You can steal the Idea but you are not allowed to copy the content. And if you still want to copy then need to do it in creative way.

You may steal idea or content in many ways. Here I list 5 top ways to steal Idea fro your new blog post.

5 Ways to Steal :

  1. Read the content to steal from and make a video on it to include in your blog.
  2. Create an image describing the concept of that content and put it on Pintrest.
  3. Pickup some critical issue in the content and create a post explaining its goods and bads. Don't forget to link back to the original content.
  4. Impressed by some video? Write a post on it.
  5. Steal from the real world. This is the most overlooked source for stealing. Just look around you and you will definitely find many content to write on.
[From were did I stole this blog post idea? Well, I got this idea from two posts : The sin of Originality from Boostblogtraffic and Why I steal content from Problogger.]

Monday, April 23, 2012

The misunderstood meaning of Blogging

Blogging is Writing : A Myth

Blogging includes writing as a part of it, but it cant be compared directly to writing. In writing you write all your feelings and thoughts, but blogging involves lots of more things.

A Blogger not only have to write well but have to observe well. For blogger, observation is the Resource and observation is the Result. Its all about how you observe your surroundings.

Writing got rules Blogging got freedom! Blogging is more like being a Rockstar. No limits bounding you. All you have to care about is to entertain your Audience. [look, how many grammatical rules I broke!]

Blogging is "Being Social"

The more you interact with people more your gain experience, more your experience more your stock to share, more you share more you Blog. Its the simple funda behind blogging.

You can write a book sitting in a corner of this world but you can't blog departing from this world. Blogging is all about connecting. Its a medium to let your audience connect to you.

Plethora of social websites, youtube, tumblr,etc are all platform to blog on. You need not have your own website for blogging. Just communicate with people on any platform and you are already blogging man!

Blogging is "Learning"

If you blog genuinely then you not only have give output, but also receive input in a large amount. Its all about the "Teaching Learning Process". While blogging you teach and to teach you learn.

Blogging not only makes you learn more but can also change your life. While blogging I realized lots of pits in my life and blogging really helped me fill those pits.

Learn to blog Learn to live.

Blogging is "Fun"

When you blog on your favorite topic its really a fun. The feeling of sharing your thoughts among a huge crowd makes you feel good.

If you are sitting before the screen bored of blogging then its time to realize that you are in the wrong track. Sharing your view on your favorite topic is Fun, and if you are not enjoying it then the topic is not your favorite one, chose some other niche.

So, have lots of fun and enjoy Blogging.