Friday, January 11, 2013

Traffic vs Audience

Its very usual to see peoples asking and commenting about their blog traffics in various forums and other places. Bloggers at every moment are in search of any trick to get a huge traffic.

People think : Huge Traffic = Huge Ad Clicks = Huge Money

But the bitter truth is they are WRONG!

Yes, a huge traffic may give you more number of clicks, but conversions does not always depend on traffic.

Huge traffic can give you instantaneous clicks and some more bucks at that moment but a loyal audience will open doors to life long business opportunities.

Traffic = Money and Audience = Business.

Need some inspiration? Get it from Glen Allsopp of ViperChill. Its not that Glen doesn't get traffic but he surely has a great loyal audience (of-course including me!), and this is his biggest profit!

Being loved by such great audience he can now start any business and people will be looking at it. This is the Difference!

So if you want just some bucks filling your pocket then running behind Traffic is ok, but if you want to survive in the long run then definitely you need to gather a loyal audience!

Happy Blogging :)

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