Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blog titles that steal the traffic

The words in your blog post's title is the first thing that strikes your visitor's eyes. So definitely those words need to be awesome. Awesome like the super-glue that stick your visitor at your page, and compel them read your content.

According to Brian Clark from copyblogger :

"On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest."

Rest is on you, how to convert those 8 'Headline Readers' to 'Content Readers'. Its then you "blog title's" job to make the visitor read rest of your content.

Be at Extremes

Its human psychology, we don't like normal things. We are always eager see the extremes. So, its a clever trick to use some words describing the extrimities of your blog title.

Words like 'Ultimate', 'The only', 'At brink' may add the extreme factor to your blog titles.

Examples :
Ultimate truth about Creative blog titles
The only guide to amazing blog titles

Create Suspense

Creating a movie and composing a blog post has one thing in common, you have to make the visitor stick to it! If your blog title is successful in creating a suspense that compels the visitor to read the rest of your content then it has done its job.

words like 'Disclosed' ,'Revealed' creates a suspense and make your visitor think what you are going to disclose some mysterious recipe.

Examples :
Ingredients of "awesome titles" revealed
Mystery behind "amazing titles" disclosed

Ask Yourself

Its the best practice for a blogger.  Whenever you create a content you must first ask yourself - "If I come across a post with this title, will I read that post?". Do it three times : first when you create the title, second when you are at middle of composing your post, third before hitting the publish button. 

Don't ditch the Keyword Approach

 Its definitely a good idea to make your blog title more creative, but make sure you don't eliminate the keyword from your title doing that. For example just look again at the title of this post "Blog titles that steal the traffic" I tried to catch the visitor by revealing the method to steal traffic but I also used the keyword "Blog titles" first.

One should always take care of the keywords present in the title because search engines are not creative enough to completely understand your title so you need to provide some keyword so that the search engine may find and enlist your page at desired location.


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